Join MiniRoots – easy for all to garden collaboratively & eat locally



  • Do you enjoy growing vegetables and food with your friends neighbors and family?
  • Do you love the taste of fresh vegetables and want eating healthy to be a deliciously rich experience?
  • Do you embrace self-reliance and want to teach your family the art of growing their own food?
  • Are you aware of how much money you can save by growing your own food and cutting down your grocery bill every year?
  • Do you care about the impact on the earth you can have by saving all the pollution and carbon emissions that you reduce by growing your own food at your home or condo or office?

Then you should consider a systemic mini-farm for your home, office, neighborhood, or nearby greenspaces.

MiniRoots is dedicated to making this experience easy, affordable, and obtainable by everyone – no matter how busy, cash strapped, or other challenges you may have.  By pulling together and leveraging hundreds of combined years of agriculture wisdom, MiniRoots is here to make it super easy for you to turn your land, no matter how tiny, into a salad bar for your body and soul!

What are some of the biggest challenges you run into when you think about or try to garden at home?  Please SHARE them in the comments and we’ll help you solve those problems!

Let’s get growing and celebrate the mini-farming journey together!


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