Eating Locally Matters

Eating local makes a difference – especially if you know what that means!IMG_3452-sm-dupontmarketcrowd

Tracking where your food comes from – and the corresponding environmental impact of your diet, helps equip you actually to make a change.  At MiniRoots, we are committed to helping you not only understand the environmental impact of your diet, but how to go from a net burden to a net positive on your community’s environmental eating impact!

Seeing “local” tags thrown around when some food is actually shipped from hundreds of miles away is not helpful in measuring the environmental impact. We’re working to change that.

By using CrowdCrop you can know your true local impact on the planet by measuring exactly how much of your food is truly local, and actually track the economic footprint of your diet. When you start growing local foods for your community, that’s when you can make great strides at becoming a net positive force to change the Earth by eating locally!

  • What does local mean – we translate foods into their environmental impact.
  • Whats the impact of the food you are buying and eating now?
  • If you can’t eat locally grown foods, discover shops that buy and serve them.
  • Connect with local partners for meals and your restaurants and events.
  • Find certified local vendors on the fly – near wherever you are.
  • Support your local economy by dining and patronizing locally owned and run restaurants.