Eat healthy, local produce!

Our community of collaborative gardeners also are fierce fans and supporters of community farmers markets. When you learn interesting ways to discover, find, share, prepare, and enjoy food grown by and for your community – home gardening becomes a lot more fun, tasty, and rewarding for you and all your urban farming friends.

Our community interacts with each other and uses the wisdom of crowds to connect you to the foods that are generated near you for even the most finicky palate.   With MiniRoots’ CrowdCrop app, you have at your fingertips the way to find, know, and grow, relationships with the planters and harvesters of truly locally created foods.

  • Local food and produce served in nearby communities
  • Farmers markets and individual vendors
  • Grocers that sell local produce
  • Restaurants that grow some of their own foods
  • Other fairs and vendors related to urban and local gardening.