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Hi all!

Thanks for the kind words Mike! I love the idea of I am almost a 30 year veteran of IT, networks and telecom as well as a Navy Vet. I have spent more time that I want to inside dark cold datacenter rooms. I needed a change.

A few years ago my wife and I decided to move from our home in the closer suburbs of Washington DC to a much large piece of land in the ex-burbs of washington DC. We found a place that was set up for a miniroots like heaven. I am blessed with the following set up. We have a 48×72 foot fenced in garden with a 4×8 foot raised bed inside the fenced in area – fencing is important as it keeps the deer away. We were lucky that the previous owners put in a green house 8×12 foot with concrete floor, drainage electricity and water all built in to it. We also have a 4×8 foot raised bed between the house and the green house and have used it for our tomatoes and some herbs.

Here you can see the setup – the Garden is fenced in area behind the trampoline:

We then added chickens and after some fits and starts on how to best manage them we built a 25×50 foot enclosed run with a coop in the center of it. In our learning curve we had a 4 foot fence then a 6 foot fence then a 6 foot covered fence. They kept getting out – and my 12 year old Labrador retriever kept killing them – until we put a net over the top of it. I am not sure what I was more surprised with the chickens getting out or the fact that my old dog can still hunt. Any way – I am happy to say my 7 hens and 2 roosters are safely in their run all day and have not gotten out in quite some time. We grow mostly food for our consumption, I really want to show my children how to create their own food and how much work it takes. So far it seems to be working.

Here is our Chicken run. I found 1/2in PVC and 1/2in rebar driven into the ground makes a strong and affordable netting support for the roof:
chickenrun 12-15

In the green house this fall we planted some lettuce, peas and green beans:
Getting our first Green bean since planting them in early October!

So as you can see I am blessed and we are setting up a small mini-roots cropping area not too far outside of Washington DC and looking forward to helping, sharing and mostly eating the great food grown locally with my new miniroots family!



  1. Mike Beirne says:

    James, this is really great, especially to see your greenhouse is thriving, what a blessing to have that built in for you by he prior owners. My last home still has its fruit trees, but I noticed that the new owners pulled out four of my raised beds and an extensive berry patch I’d built. 🙁

    What a great way to have a lasting impact by adding gardens to a home that encourages the new owners to grow together! Thanks for be share and all e help volunteering for the miniroots movement!

  2. Mike Beirne says:

    Eager to hear more about the kids’ journey into home gardening too!

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