Genetically Safe gardens?

In this mornings Washington post, a provoking article on a possible challenge to home gardeners
“Jackson County, Oregon, has just joined the small but growing ranks of “GE-free zones” in the U.S., which prohibit the cultivation of genetically engineered (GE) crops. It’s at least the eighth county in the country to create such an ordinance, and efforts are springing up to pass similar measures in other places.”

This trend is notable, as you must know what effects gene mods have on our food- and if your neighbor or nearby farmer is using altered crops, it could risk tainting your home garden via pollinators which makes the point that it is good for all to know who’s growing what around you, how you pollinate, and to only buy and use products from certified GE free suppliers.

MiniRoots is in the process of setting up to sell GE-free certified seeds and starters for you and make it easy to count on ge safe crops in your garden!  If we are all smart and aware of what we plant and how it grows, the ge-free food havens can only be helped by your home gardening and crowd cropping in your community!  

Do you have any experiences with ge crop challenges in your community or neighborhood gardening?  Please share them.



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